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Before browsing this site, please read and agree to the terms of use of what will from now on will be referred to as "TERMS". In case a user / visitor disagrees with these Terms, please do not use the site.

The owner of this website is the Individual Enterprise << DIMAKIS AN. VASILIOS >>, which is legally represented by Dimakis Vasilios with tax identification number 115842043, DeltaTax Office of THESSALONIKI, HEADQUARTERS: 38 Vas. Olgas Ave., Thessaloniki, Tel. 2310814866.


1 Introduction

It is mandatory that you read and agree to the terms of use (from now on "TERMS") of this website before browsing it. Acceptance of the "Terms" is presumed to have been made by the registered members. The use of the website is not recommended to users / visitors who do not consent to these Terms.


Removal or modification of these Terms can be done by at any time. In any case,  is obliged to update this text with any change, deletion or addition. More specific terms of use may be established by, which will be considered a body of these general Terms. It is clarified that these more specific terms will prevail over the more general ones in the event of a conflict. With the invalidity of part of these Terms, the invalidity of the rest of their body does not occur

. reserves the right not to exercise its rights, a fact that does not establish a waiver of the rights of these Terms, nor is there a tacit abolition of any Term. In the event that there are reasons for force majeure, such as floods, fires, extreme weather events, earthquakes, terrorist acts, etc., and cause a violation of these Terms, , does not bear any responsibility.   

Users are solely responsible for the use of this website. Users are not encouraged through this to take any action or action.



2. General


This website must be used exclusively for any lawful purpose and without hindering its use by third parties. The user / visitor has the obligation to use it legally, respecting the good manners as well as the same Terms, without ever making any omissions and / or actions that may cause malfunction or damage to this website, or affect or put on risk the provision of services by  through it.


The offer of the services of this website is addressed exclusively to adults. The use or visitation by minor users, as well as the conclusion of transactions is expressly prohibited. Because the identity of incoming users / visitors can not be checked by  , it is not responsible in the event that minor users visit this website. 


The availability of the website as well as its content is maintained and ensured by . reserves the right to even discontinue its operation. In any case, various factors contribute to the availability of this website, regardless of the efforts of , as the simultaneous number of users and / or their technical equipment, etc. may affect it. 


Changes to the nature and content of this website may be made by without notice. In addition, any temporary suspension or suspension or permanent operation or obstruction of the operation of this website for obvious reasons or for reasons beyond the control or will of are its legal right.


The validity, completeness, clarity, accuracy of the information as well as the content of this website is ensured, making every effort, by  gives  no guarantee, as bears no responsibility to visitor users regarding the security of the website, nor for its content. All content and services offered through this website by are impossible to control from it, a fact that is accepted by its users / visitors. In addition, no guarantee can be given by to its users / visitors regarding the non-infringement of third party rights through the data, materials and information of its content.


This online store maintains the same prices as the physical store, with the exception of discount prices.



3. Limitation of liability invites users / visitors not to use this website or to use its services in case they do not trust it. In addition,   invites users / visitors to use anti-virus software for threats such as viruses, Trojan horses and time bombs, or other harmful programs and components.


In case of wrong choice of product by the user / visitor, either wrong choice, or careless use of it, or wrong, as if there is fault of the manufacturer such as incorrect or incomplete instructions or information accompanying the product, either the quality of the product or the safety of the materials used during its construction has real defects, does not bear any responsibility. The scope of liability of , in case of a defective product, is limited to its mandatory replacement, provided that the product meets the conditions for its return. bears no responsibility  in case: 


lack of product availability


permanent or temporary inability to provide its services


delay in accepting and executing orders


delay in the delivery of products ordered by the user if they are caused by reasons of force majeure, fire, illegal behavior third party, extreme weather events, supplier strikes, natural disasters, strikes, emergencies, accidental deterioration or destruction before delivery of products to user / visitor and after delivery, illegal interventions by counterparty or third party, delay due to company malfunction, partner banks, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Access Providers, User Terminals, Host Providers, or incorrect information provided the user / visitor, in general for any incident which hinders the smooth fulfillment of his contractual obligations and for any reason for which could not be at fault. The Company has limited liability in relation to its obligations to the consumer, which derives from the contract. Based on this he will try to respond promptly in a reasonable time.


As long as all the necessary precautionary measures have been taken by , in order to store the products, it does not bear any responsibility in the event that the product is delivered to the user in poor condition . has no obligation towards its user / visitor to satisfy their expectations, requirements and needs in terms of content and quality of services provided through this website. In any case, products and services provided through the same online store as they are, ie without express guarantees. as the associates, the employees and the executives do not bear any responsibility in case in which the user / visitor is caused direct or indirect, ancillary, ancillary or consequential damages that may arise from the use or / and access to this website.


In case of infection by cyber viruses or malware, or damage, occurs after a visit to, the computer or other device access to the user / visitor, this website is not  responsible. Consequently, it bears absolutely no responsibility for damage or loss related to omission, defect, error, inability to perform, delay or operation of a system line, etc. Claims arising from the law (civil or criminal) in case of damage after a visit user / visitor or a third party at is not responsible for this even if the damage is related to the operation, use and inability to provide services of this website, or for information or services offered through it.


In the event that the current legislation is violated or violated or threatened and the present terms bears absolutely no responsibility nor has any obligation towards the user / visitor, a fact which is accepted by him as this website has no obligation to control the security and content of the websites, websites and services to third parties as long as it provides access to them, has any right to modify removal and termination of service, or connection to third party websites and websites. Specifically in the case where provides a link through hyperlinks or advertising banners, or connection with third party websites or websites for the purpose of serving and facilitating the user / visitor of In this case, this website is not responsible for the quality of the services provided by third parties as well as for the content of their websites and the personal data protection policy they use. The respective user / visitor bears full responsibility for these websites. 


Consequently, any responsibility the user / visitor has the obligation to seek it from the above mentioned providers of the specific websites and web pages, whether it is the legality of the content of these pages or the security they offer.



4. Behavior and obligations of users / visitors


All Greek, European and International laws and regulations, including laws related to the protection of intellectual property, personal data, competition, etc., must be observed by the user. Good manners and these Terms must also be observed by the user who uses the same website. does not allow the user / visitor to use the website with material of any kind which is annoying, threatening, harmful, obscene, illegal, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, offensive, passionate towards social groups showing ethnic and racial discrimination that is potentially harmful to minors, which may not occur on the basis of contractual or managerial relationships, such as information from employment or confidentiality as well as information concerning the same material, infringing intellectual and / or industrial property rights, as well as third party property rights, or programs and files created to cause damage, interruption or destruction of software, operating equipment, or computer content . This material is prohibited by the user from transmitting it via e-mail, either otherwise or by publication. 

                                                                                                                                            Actions or omissions that may disrupt or damage the operation of or the access of third parties to this website, or make it difficult to provide its services, are prohibited by the user / visitor. In any case, the right to compensation to arises in the event that the user / visitor uses this website illegally, abusively and contrary to the Terms. In addition, the user / visitor must provide true information about his person, therefore forgery is prohibited. Group or spam is not allowed to be sent by the user / visitor as well as copies of multiple messages. 


Financial data, email addresses and information collection of other users / visitors of the same website when they have not given their consent is also prohibited.


This website, if used on the wider internet, should be used in accordance with the Netiquette Code of Conduct. It is forbidden to use it in a way contrary to this Code. has every right to take any necessary action and to take necessary measures in case the user / visitor does not apply the legislation and the Terms of this website. For example, the prohibition of access to the services provided, the movement, processing or even deletion of messages are legitimate acts to which has the right to proceed, always respecting the principle of proportionality. has every right to ask a user / visitor to pay him compensation or expenses which he was asked to pay the same from a diversion of the user / visitor who did not respect these Terms. The claim of can be made directly to the user / visitor without resorting to justice.



5. Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual and industrial property of constitute the present website, as well as its content, which includes photos, images, drawings, texts, graphics, provided services and products, information material, names, distinctive features, commercial signals, software, all forms of data, unless otherwise stated for specific third party rights. The relevant Greek provisions, as well as international conventions and European law, protect what has been mentioned. In addition, the property of is anything that is sent, retransmitted or transferred from the same website. 

No additional wording, whether concluding a contract or a prohibition clause against infringement of intellectual property, is necessary for its acquisition.

The content of this website is expressly prohibited from copying, or modifying its digital / analog subscription as well as misleading the public about its actual provider and its content. In addition, the distribution, transfer, reproduction, resale, processing, printing, rental, storage and creation of productive labor are not permitted.

The Greek, European and international laws concerning intellectual and industrial property, protect the images, logos, insignia and trademarks that has as a feature   and are found on its website, are his property. Consequently, their legal beneficiary and    explicitly prohibit their use to third parties, without their prior written permission. Regarding the trademarks and distinctive features of third parties, as well as their products and names, which exist on the website of  , are their sole responsibility, as in no case their exposure on the website can not be translated as granting a right or license, either transfer or right to use it.

In the event that the user / visitor of   provides information through it, these are not considered confidential and are not his property.  has the   right to collect necessary and limited information for commercial purposes.


6. Personal Data (GDPR)

The protection of personal data of the user / visitor of this website, is a basic principle of , which is strictly observed in order to ensure high quality services, showing full respect for applicable law. The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU) GDPR, and what is added to it by Greek and European legislation, shield the processing of personal data on this website. In particular, this data is stored for a reasonable period of time as explicitly defined by law. All processing, except legal, is done in a completely transparent manner in order to guarantee their safety. The collected, from personal data is always required to fulfill the purposes mentioned above, as well as it is always relevant, appropriate, appropriate and accurate to fulfill the same purpose.

These terms define the policy followed by in order to protect the personal data of the user / visitor of and iOS and Android applications if these are given voluntarily by the user with purpose:

  1. the provision of services chosen by users / visitors through this website (eg purchase of products, information on new products, participation in competitions, etc.).

  2. the best service for users / visitors.

  3. the collection of information from users / visitors (feedback) about the offered products and services of and their improvement based on the information collected.

  4. informing users / visitors about the new products of after their consent.

  5. informing users / visitors about offers of , as well as about any competitions, after their consent.

  6. the advertising and promotion of the products of from a distance, after the consent of the users / visitors.

  7. market research and communication with users / visitors, after their consent.

  8. the improvement of the recognizability of .


This personal data protection policy can be changed, modified, updated by , whenever necessary. Each change is considered to take effect, with its public display on its website



7. Security


In order to ensure compliance with applicable law regarding the protection of personal data of users / visitors, customers and third parties,  has taken technical and organizational security measures. In addition, it is emphasized that these measures have been taken in order to ensure inaccessible contact of third parties, unauthorized persons, with personal data.


8. Definitions


The definitions in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) apply to the purpose of this Privacy Policy .

  • " Personal data " means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be ascertained, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to a name, identity number, location data, online identity card or one or more factors that characterize the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person;

  • "Processing"  means any operation or series of operations performed with or without the use of automated means, on personal data or on personal data sets, such as the collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or change, retrieval, search for information, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction,

  • "Controller"  means a natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body which, individually or jointly with others, determines the purposes and manner of processing personal data; determined by Union law or the law of a Member State, the controller or the specific criteria for his appointment may be laid down by Union law or the law of a Member State.


9. Cookies


This website uses cookies, in order to contact and collect information of the user / visitor of the online store of using cookies provides important information to the user / visitor regarding the storage of products in his shopping cart, the status of his order, etc. A possibility which would be impossible without the use of cookies.

It is briefly stated that the alphanumeric files that are transferred to the computer of the user / visitor, and specifically to his hard drive in order to keep the statistics required for the operation of the above services, as well as for advertising, marketing, disclosure - specific and the most visited websites, as well as the most favorite and most desired websites of the user / visitor himself, are called cookies.

In no case are cookies a danger to the computer, or to any electronic device used by the user / visitor. In case the user wants information not to be stored through cookies, he has the ability to configure the browser, ie the Internet browser, as he can delete or select the cookies that already exist on the hard drive of the device he uses. The user can also set his device to automatically reject the new cookies of the websites he visits, or to be asked each time, if he wants to accept or reject, cookies that will be installed on the hard drive of his device.




1) Necessary - Basic Cookies

Electronic payments, the storage of products in a wish-list and the addition to the product basket, are the basic functions of an online store. These necessary cookies are the way of performing these functions in order for the smooth operation of the online store without allowing its degradation in terms of the navigation experience that the user has and without undermining the basic e-commerce functions


2) Performance cookies

In order to collect information about the way the user / visitor uses a web page, as well as the type of these pages, in terms of content, traffic frequency , or for any navigation problems, cookies have been created performance. The information they give us is aggregate and not descriptive in terms of user / visitor, ie it helps in the proper development of this website. 


3) Functionality cookies

In order to personalize , ease of finding , and suggest suitable products for the user / visitor, functionality cookies have been created which "remember" the choices made by the user during his browsing in  prints-and-more. gr.


4) Advertising cookies

Ads and promotions are not annoying material on a website in case they are of interest to the user / visitor, ie when they are targeted material and do not become unwanted or useless material for the user. In order to achieve these goals, advertising cookies have been created which additionally contribute to understanding the effectiveness or otherwise of an advertising campaign.


5) Cookies Analytics

In order to improve the services offered by , as well as the evolution of the navigation experience in it, there are cookies Analytics, which are a subset of functionality cookies. More details:


Other websites may display ads for our Company through Google as well as third party vendors. In addition, Google and third party vendors may use cookies for the purpose of targeted advertising, updating and optimization of messages to the user / visitor, which follows his visit to the website of . Consequently, itself can use cookies for marketing to the same user / visitor.


Conversely,   can target its products and services using Google Analytics and for example do repeat marketing, Google, Network appearance reports and reports of demographics and interests.


Third-party cookies (eg Google Analytics cookies) as well as third-party cookies are used by as well as by third-party vendors (for example from Google) for the purpose of displaying ads, optimizing services and the update, based on the previous visits of the user / visitor to this website. Also through the specific cookies is achieved the collection of information regarding the interaction of the ads with the user / visitor. 

Data that results from advertising through Google interest or those that result from third-party Google Analytics data collected (for example, gender, age, and interests).

This cookie policy can be changed at any time by .

Other cookies, except those of , may be used by companies other than ours as well as by third party advertisers in order to collect information of users of , which are not can be controlled by us.






  1. Google Analytics


Google Inc. offers web analytics tools through Google Analytics which uses . Cookies from Google Analytics are used to fulfill this purpose. All information provided by cookies regarding the use of this website is transmitted to Google, through which it will be stored on servers in the USA. This information may be passed on to third parties, in cases where this is required by law. Google may, in order to evaluate the use of ,to compile reports on its activity and how the user / visitor uses the internet, to collect and use this information. The user / visitor's IP address will not be associated, through Google, with other information and personal data in its possession. It is emphasized that the use of this website presupposes the consent in the processing of your personal data by Google in the manner and for the purposes mentioned above. 

The user / visitor can opt out of Google Analytics which aims to display ads through  Ad settings, can select the type of Google Display Network ads.  complies with  Interest based advertising policy Google AdWords and their restrictions on sensitive categories and uses repetitive marketing with Google Analytics for web advertising.





Our Company reserves the right to display advertisements, through third party vendors, such as the website as well as all of its affiliated websites on the internet.

Use of cookies by third party vendors, including Facebook, can be done for optimization and information, as well as for displaying ads based on a visit made by the user to

In addition, may use cookies from a previous visit to its website in order to repeat the marketing.

In any case, the user / visitor has the ability to ask Facebook to exclude this use of cookies.



12. Exercise of user / visitor rights


The rights for the protection of personal data of the user / visitor are:


  • Right of deletion: means the deletion or non-use of the personal data of the user / visitor, which are kept in the files of, provided that the special restrictions provided by the General Regulation are observed.

  • Right of access: means the right of the user / visitor to have access to his personal data, which are kept in the file of our Company, as well as to receive copies of them.

  • Right to portability: means the right of the user / visitor to request the immediate transfer of his personal data to an organization of his choice. The relevant request can take place only in the case when the personal data is technically structured according to the relevant legislation.

  • Right of correction: means the right of the user / visitor to correct errors and inaccuracies of his personal data, which are kept in the files of

  • Right of objection : means the right of the user / visitor to request that his personal data not be processed. This right can be exercised by the user only in the event that there are no legal, or necessary, processing reasons that go beyond his rights and freedoms. Additionally in the case in which  needs to support, or to exercise its legal interests, this right of the user / visitor decreases and can not be exercised by him.

  • Restriction right: means the right of the user / visitor to request the restriction of the processing of personal data, only in the case that the terms and conditions of the General Regulation are observed.

In case of receiving your request,  will inform you in writing within 30 days and if it identifies the user who made the request.



13. Use of Personal Data by Third Parties  


The personal data of the user / visitor are not disclosed to third parties, which are not related to   without his consent (of the user / visitor). Companies that have been hired to perform services or functions instead of our business, based on our business activity may be aware of some personal data. For example, the courier company, in order to deliver the user's order. In the event that the user's data is given to a third party by  , his authorization for maintenance, use, disclosure to third parties for the fulfillment of purposes other than the agreed services is not presumed.

In the event of a search warrant for a court order, law, regulation or summons, the personal data of the user / visitor may be disclosed if the company is legally obliged to do so.



14. Observation Time


The personal data of the user / visitor are kept for a reasonable period of time at  and not beyond that. The personal data is kept by, for a longer period of time, in order to be available to cover any questions or to answer disputes such as the five-year product warranty. It is emphasized that a reasonable period of time is defined as the five years, based on the legislation and tax reasons, from the completion of the sale, if it is a commercial relationship of  and the user / visitor.

In each case the type of personal data determines the period for which they will be kept and based on the purpose for which they were collected. Old personal data that is no longer used is destroyed as soon as possible.

The personal data of the user / visitor for the period during which they are in possession of  continue to be processed by it based on the principles of personal data protection declaration.

15. Applicable law


The above Terms are interpreted on the basis of Greek law and are subject to it. In case of an invalid or revocable order and its termination by the competent court, the validity of the Terms, which continue to apply normally, is not affected.

In case of a dispute arising, which will concern the use of, or which concerns its Terms, it will be subject to the substantive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki.


16. Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Name: Dimakis Vasilios

Address:  38 Vas. Olgas Ave.



17. Information Protection

If you believe that your personal data has not been protected in any way, please contact the National Personal Data Protection Authority: Website:

Postal Address 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23, Athens

Call center :  +30 210 6475600

Fax : +30 210 6475628