Payment methods

  1. By cash on delivery


For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come via courier to your place and you pay the price at the time of receipt. 


This payment method is not available for orders

  • Over 500 € (including VAT) for individuals (retail receipt) and

  • Over 500 € (Before VAT) for professionals / businesses (sales invoice)



  1. Payment at the store


Upon receipt of the products from our store you can pay for your order in cash (up to 500 euros with VAT for individuals or up to 500 euros before VAT for professionals / businesses - invoice) or with any debit / credit card.


  1. Bank deposit 


Pay for your order by bank deposit in the following bank account of Piraeus Bank:


IBAN: GR41 0172 2300 0052 3007 1657 632


Bank account holder: Dimakis Vasilios of Anastasiou


Once you have made your deposit, send us the copy of the bank payment order to, indicating your order number and your contact details so that it can be easily and quickly identified. The order will be sent after the payment is identified. Bank charges are borne by the buyer.


  1. Debit or credit card (E-Banking)


You can pay for your order easily, quickly and securely with any debit or credit card. 

All transactions on this site are made in Euro currency. reserves the right to delay any order for security reasons or even to cancel it.